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Roxanne Bridger

Strategy Director

Roxi joined Three Whiskey after nearly 10 years working in online marketing. Her previous experience with brands in industries like finance, travel, lifestyle and fashion means she brings a breadth of experience that benefits every client.

As Strategy Director, Roxi’s role is to understand what our clients need from us, shaping and developing the services we offer so clients receive the very best value from Three Whiskey. This involves working closely with Client Services and all the channel leads to ensure our service lines are well integrated, and to evolve them in line with client needs.

Roxi likes telling stories with data. She’s motivated by seeing clients make the most of their customer data and she also loves working across channels – using insights from one channel to make another function more efficiently.

Outside of work, Roxi loves to travel. She’s visited over 25 cities in Europe in the past 5 years; and she’s hoping to pass the travel bug onto her daughter, Evelyn. She’s also a runner – she’s done a lot of 10Ks, two half marathons, and is psyching herself up to running a full marathon in the future.