Dave Cooper Peiris

SEO consultant

Dave works with clients on technical and content optimisation, SEO forecasting and search strategy. He brings eight years of experience with brands such as the BBC, Apple, TK Maxx, Ann Summers and Radley.

He’s also a Ruby developer and has built two of his own apps – Submarine and Toucan.

What Dave likes best about SEO is having the ability to measure the impact of his work. Seeing the increases in organic traffic that happen after SEO recommendations are put in place is extremely rewarding (especially when it outperforms paid marketing channels!).

One of Dave’s career highlights was getting TK Maxx to rank in position #1 for ‘handbags’ when they were first dipping their toes in the water of ecommerce. The huge sales that followed were instrumental in helping them believe that online retail was the right choice.

In his spare time Dave plays the guitar, codes and tries to be a better photographer. He owns a sausage dog called Chief who refuses to fetch, won’t walk in the rain and likes to bark at the wind. Last year he jumped off Auckland Harbour Bridge and is keen to jump off more things in the near future.