Business challenge

MESM needed to build greater awareness of their business and position their brand as a recognisable authority in the clinical trials industry. Their online presence needed to reflect the value they bring to customers through their experience, knowledge and consultative approach.


We conducted in-depth research into the digital landscape for clinical trials, to understand how (and to what extent) customer needs are currently being met by both competitors and third parties. Using the insights from this research we developed a thought leadership strategy to grow awareness of MESM among defined target audiences, and position them as an authority in clinical trials; creating content based on their extensive expertise in the industry.


Our research resulted in a thought leadership strategy and set of comprehensive audience personas. In conjunction with MESM’s own specialists, our medical writers are now producing expertly researched and written content for clinical trials professionals. The content is being hosted on MESM’s website and promoted via social media, eCRM and outreach to relevant organisations.