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What’s in a name?

03.02.2016 - by Tom Jones


whiskey in glasses on wooden table“Three Whiskey…nice name. So, do you, you know…do stuff with whiskey?”

“…sorry, no, I’m afraid not.”

“What, not even artisan-crafted, triple-filtered bourbon from your own micro-still?”

“No, not even that.”

“So what do you do?”

“We’re a digital marketing agency.”

*Slightly disappointed* “Ohh, okay…”

And so it goes… although, I don’t suppose we can really blame people. It’s been a while since whiskey, advertising and marketing were properly ubiquitous (and socially acceptable) bedfellows.

Don Draper (saved for web)As you may have gathered, our name sometimes throws up a few questions and requires a little explanation so, for the avoidance of doubt, here’s the official version:

For the uninitiated, Whiskey, in the NATO phonetic alphabet, represents, ‘W’. And, of course, three ‘Ws’ are seen pretty much every day by everyone who spends time online.

So, given we’re a digital agency that helps clients succeed on the internet, we think that this works just fine. We like it, and hope you do too.

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