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A week in the life of… the research, analytics and data team

17.08.2018 - by George Harris


The research, analytics and data (RAD) team is based in our London office, and supports all our client work, as well as a wide range of internal projects. We make sure Three Whiskey is developing deeply informed digital strategies, constantly improving the efficiency of the agency, and finding innovative ways to solve problems and achieve results.

The team is:

  • George – Analytics and Technology Director
  • James – Digital Research Manager
  • Henrik – Data Analyst (profile coming soon!)
  • Hannah – Research Analyst (profile coming soon!)

Last week, everyone in the RAD team kept track of what they were working on, so we could share a week in the life of the team. We also decided to flex our research muscles, to bring you a ground-breaking analysis of the London office’s coffee consumption over the course of the week. Don’t miss the results at the bottom of the post!

We’re hiring a Junior Research Analyst right now. So if you read this and you can see yourself thriving in this team, make sure you send us an application.


First thing, everyone gathers for the weekly RAD team meeting, led by George. We review last week’s work and make a plan for the coming week.

Hannah heads off to work on the data collection for a piece of research we’re doing for a healthcare client in Germany. We’re measuring the quantity and quality of content available when people search for information about a specific disease, to understand the user experience and any information gaps.

Meanwhile, Henrik is building a social media conversation tool for a client working in a highly regulated sector. It’ll make it really efficient for their staff to identify accurate and compliant responses to questions they get through social channels. The project is a collaboration between the RAD team and the content and social team, so Henrik meets Emily (our Content and Social Media Strategist) to get feedback on the prototype and discuss additional features.

A number of people at Three Whiskey (including members of team RAD) are heading off to the Baz Luhrmann Romeo + Juliet secret cinema in the evening, so the day ends with many an outfit being donned.


First thing in the morning George finds himself in a helmet, hi-vis vest, boots and gloves, as he and Tom (one of our founders) go to look at some larger offices nearby that are under construction. The agency is growing so fast that this will be the third office move since he’s been here.

Later, George works with Roxi (our Strategy Director) on improving our e-commerce reporting for organic and paid media. They spend a couple of hours looking at campaign results and selecting the metrics that mean the most to our clients. Then, they work with the wider team to populate and automate the reports, making them easy to replicate. In future months, this will let us get to better insights more quickly.

One of our e-commerce clients is getting ready to launch their business in the US for the first time, so James meets with members of the paid media and search teams to work on a sales forecast. The forecast will help us understand the client’s growth potential in different states and prepare a marketing strategy to support the expansion.


Hannah arrives having accidentally got superglue all over her fingers. Despite this slight inconvenience, she gets stuck into writing Excel code to automate some data analysis she’ll be doing later. It’s fair to say that if you can write code with superglued fingers, you belong in the Three Whiskey RAD team.

At midday, we all join the rest of the agency for a ‘lunch and learn’, led by the content and social team. Emily presents on our approach to social media training, and how social fits into the wider marketing mix. As always, pizza abounds. Hannah wins the quiz and leaves the proud owner of a mug declaring her a ‘social media star’.

James and George spend the afternoon working with Nneka, our HR Director, planning out the RAD team’s objectives over the next 12 months. It’s exciting to see how the team is going to develop and grow in during 2018 and 2019.


In the morning, Hannah and James work together on some tricky keyword research for various European countries; while Henrik builds a tool that can automatically create multiple charts at once, by segmenting data in various ways. The tool will be used to speed up our digital landscape research projects, and to improve workflows within the team.

James and HannahOne of our clients is planning a large update of their corporate website, and we’re assisting with the migration in a number of areas. During the afternoon, George works with Henrik to plan out an analytics measurement strategy and review the website UX before liaising with their development team. We often provide developers with tagging instructions for setting up advanced website analytics, so we can understand website and marketing performance, and help our clients optimise and invest in what works.


Henrik spends the day working with some very cool machine learning technology to speed up our research data categorisation process, while George is experimenting with pulling website classification data to automate our client’s competitor scoring.

George and HenrikIn the afternoon, George sits with the client services team to look at how our resourcing and project management works. There are lots of great ideas shared on how to improve the way we work, and George leaves the meeting excited about what we can achieve in this space by the end of the year.

Hannah spends the day finishing up the second part of her Spanish market digital landscape analysis, which means next week she can get to the more exciting part of the project – making a document to present the findings back to the client, with some great insights and recommendations.

James ends the week by sending out his handover notes, as he’s heading off on holiday next week (it’s alright for some…).

And now… the results of our Three Whiskey coffee consumption research!

First of all, it’s important to note that over half the people in the London office prefer other beverages over coffee. Arguably, this a positive indicator of overall stress and tiredness levels in the office:

Looking at coffee consumption over the week, client services drank the most amount of coffee in absolute numbers:

But paid media had the highest amount of coffee consumption relative to their team size:

Coffee consumption is fairly even across the week, although Tuesday and Thursday saw a spike in outside coffee consumption. People heading out for one-to-ones maybe?

The peak day for coffee consumption differed between teams. While some teams (e.g. client services and research, data and analytics) peaked mid-week, other teams (including the digital marketing analysts and our mighty leaders, Tom and Ben) peaked towards the end of the week:

Perhaps one of the strangest findings is the number of cups harvested per pot over the course of the week. It seems that as the week neared its end, we were getting much less coffee per pot. Did someone bring in a giant mug on Thursday? Perhaps one of those Sports Direct mugs that all offices are obliged to have?

Lastly, we found that the biggest coffee fiend in the team is RAD’s very own Henrik (CONGRATS!), followed closely by Haley and Mareike. The graph below shows their coffee consumption vs. the rest of the office:

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