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A week in the life of… Client Services

28.06.2018 - by Sean Philip


To be able to deliver outstanding work that meets the high expectations of the fantastic brands we work with, the people who make up our Client Services team have to be friendly, driven and unflappable, with a deep knowledge of digital marketing.

We’re often asked what a typical working week looks like in Client Services, and with so many exciting projects and moving parts that can be a tricky question to answer!

To really get under the skin of what we do here, we asked everyone in the team to record what they did during one week at Three Whiskey, and from that we’ve pulled together this blog post to give a taste of what life is like in the team. If you’re interested in joining us, keep an eye on our vacancies.


Project Manager Charlotte spends the morning planning everyone’s time for the month. She makes sure each person at the agency knows which projects they’ll be working on over the coming weeks.

In the afternoon, Sean (who leads the Client Services team) calls the US with Haley (our Paid Media Manager). Our Managing Director over there, Colin, is meeting a client in Dallas to discuss a piece of new work. The call goes really well and we’re asked to start drawing up a statement of work so we can get the project started.

Meanwhile, our Strategy Director Roxi is spending the day in Dublin with one of our healthcare clients. They’re launching a new product in 2020, and Roxi is there with some other Three Whiskey team members, at a cross-agency strategy meeting. On the client side, some of the attendees include a Head of Marketing, Senior Director of Business Operations, Social Media Strategy Lead and some of the Medical Advisors.

Roxi and the team present a piece of research we’ve done to support the project, and there are a number of workshops as the agencies and client work together to flesh out the product launch strategy.


Angus (our Account Director) and Sean spend the morning reviewing a proposal we’ve been creating for a client, before jumping on a call to present it. The team put in some long hours working on the presentation, and the effort pays off. The client seems really happy and we’re told we’ll find out in a couple of days if we’ve been invited to pitch – fingers crossed.

After that, Angus works with Polly, our Content and Social Executive, to design and order some Google Cardboard VR headsets. We like to make our digital marketing training as engaging and interactive as possible, and VR is one of the ways we’ve been bringing our training sessions to life for one of our clients.

Image: othree

Meanwhile, Senior Project Manager Mareike is working on a complex project involving three website migrations. She works with Jordan, a Senior SEO Analyst, to map out all the required redirects and to create a timeline for each brand to implement them – and all this across three time zones.


This morning, Charlotte has a video call with a client based in Germany, and four other agencies. They’re discussing the relaunch of a website that will help people diagnosed with a life limiting condition find information on managing their physical and mental wellbeing. The clients’ research agency says they’ve met with a group of patients who are very relieved to hear that the new website is coming. It’s really rewarding to work on a project we know is going to help people.

In the afternoon, Sean and Charlotte head out for another meeting with a client’s creative agency. It’s a fun collaboration and a nice excuse to enjoy the view from London Bridge.

bridge1 2


Sean is in the office early on Thursday, for a call with one of our clients in Japan. Their day is just ending as ours is beginning. Sean introduces the client to our Research Analyst, Hannah, and they talk through a digital landscape analysis we’ve just completed for them.

At midday, Roxi rounds up everyone in Client Services to join the whole agency for a ‘lunch and learn’, with tasty pizza from Carlo’s Kitchen (a favourite lunch spot by the office). We have these sessions regularly, where someone from the agency presents a piece of recent work to the whole team. It’s a great way to hear what’s going on elsewhere in the agency, and to share knowledge with your colleagues. In this edition, we hear from Ben, Haley and Matt (our managing partner, senior paid media manager, and senior paid media analyst respectively) about a recent pitch for a videogame company.

In the afternoon Charlotte meets with Alex, our Organic Marketing Director, in the café downstairs. They work very closely to make sure the SEO team have everything they need to complete their work for the month.


Mareike kicks off the day with a big win – she manages to automate the process of setting up the team’s monthly time sheets, which is going to save us a big chunk of time each month from now on.

office 2

After lunch, the whole Client Services team gets together for a coffee in Jerwood Space – a really nice café opposite the office. We talk about various initiatives we’d like to implement as a team, to help us be more effective and make the most of our time in the office.

Next week, Angus and Sean are heading to Seoul to deliver some training for a client, and there’s lots to do before they can wind up for the day.

As this busy but very productive week comes to an end, the weather in London takes a turn for the better. A few members of Client Services pop to the pub for a drink, to enjoy the late spring sun before heading off for the weekend.

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