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Organic social for the third sector, with The Makaton Charity

28.08.2018 - by Polly Norkett


It’s important to everyone at Three Whiskey that we get to use some of our time and expertise to support organisations we believe in.

Our pro bono work with The Makaton Charity is the first project we’ve undertaken as part of that initiative. Last year Matt wrote about the paid media training we did with the Makaton team, and this latest update is about the next phase of exciting work we’re doing together – developing Makaton’s organic social media strategy.

Earlier this month, Emily and Polly of our content and social team headed over to Makaton’s office in Farnborough to start the process of developing their social strategy.

What is The Makaton Charity?

Just to recap what the charity does – Makaton is a non-verbal language, based on signs and symbols, which helps bridge gaps between and among non-verbal communicators. Although most popular with children, the beauty of Makaton is that it can be personalised to suit any individual’s specific needs or challenges.

The Makaton Charity exists to make learning resources readily available for those who wish to understand, use and teach Makaton. The charity plays a vital role at the centre of the Makaton community in the UK and has been providing invaluable support to those who use Makaton for nearly 40 years.

We’re very happy to play a small role in helping a project which is all about breaking down barriers and connecting people.

Makaton laptop

Organic social media can be a major tool for charities

Considering the time and budget issues which can limit the digital marketing efforts of organisations in the third sector, organic social is essential. Luckily, people see the benefit of supporting and signal boosting charities, which means charities are uniquely well placed to make organic social work for them.

Social platforms provide an inclusive space for charities to raise funds, awareness, and most importantly, engage with their supporters.

On this visit to Farnborough, we presented a deep-dive into Makaton’s current social output, their successes and challenges, and a look at the ‘best-in-class’ accounts in the third sector. After taking the team through our research, we spent the morning having open, collaborative conversations about how Three Whiskey can help Makaton move forward on social.

What’s next?

The next step for us will be the development of a formal strategy focused on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – chosen because of the visual nature of the Makaton language – which Makaton can implement to take their social media success to the next level.

Makaton have done a great job of establishing their social presence without any outside assistance. They have over 30K engaged followers on Facebook, and their Instagram and Facebook channels are bursting with vibrancy, colour, and positivity. The goal of the strategy we develop with Makaton will be to build on this success – expanding the range of content they create; and making sure their social media activity helps them achieve their goals around awareness building and fundraising.

We’ll also be thinking carefully about how social media fits into the busy schedules of the small team behind The Makaton Charity. Taking all these considerations into account, we’re excited to create a strategy that will really help Makaton to grow, and that their team will enjoy bringing to life in the coming months.

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