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New Search Console beta now available for all accounts

13.02.2018 - by Roxanne Bridger


You may have heard that Google has been rolling out a new Search Console update (previously known as Webmaster Tools). Although this version is still in beta, it is now available for all accounts.

As Google continues to iterate the new Search Console with additional reports and changes throughout 2018, users have the option to toggle between the old and new versions with a navigation bar.

At Three Whiskey, we recommend switching to the new Search Console beta, as it will provide additional insights and reporting, as detailed below.

Users who move to the new Search Console will benefit from:

  • Access to more search performance data
  • Better notifications about any website issues that arise
  • An easier process for sharing performance data or issues with a wider team
  • Better support for additional Google products within a single interface – for example, AMP and Google for Jobs

New reports

There are four key new reports in the Search Console beta. We’ve written a brief description of what you can expect from each.

Search Performance
The historic data available within the tool has been extended to 16 months and it’s now possible to view average position, impressions, clicks and CTR. The tool allows for better data manipulation by letting users filter data by web, image or video search results or segment by the query, page, country or device type. This makes it much easier to spot trends, understand year on year (YoY) data comparisons and drill down further into website visibility.

Index Coverage
The old version of the tool offers limited data on how Google is accessing your site, but the new Index Coverage report provides much more insight and gives you a series of diagnostic tools to use when you’re looking into specific issues. It also allows you to set up alerts when your site faces an indexing error, and has a new sharing functionality to quickly communicate issues to your team – both key for helping you identify and fix issues quicker. There is a ‘validate fix’ button you can use to check your corrective action has worked.

AMP Status
This AMP (accelerated mobile pages) report allows you to monitor your AMP performance, including how your pages are displayed and any errors that arise. The new report also has a ‘validate fix’ button that runs several instantaneous assessments, notifying you immediately if your site doesn’t pass.

Job Posting
This is only available in select locations, but your vacancies may be eligible to appear in Google for Jobs listings. If eligible, you will be able to monitor performance directly within Search Console.

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