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New faces at Three Whiskey

20.02.2018 - by Arlie Adlington


We’ve welcomed a lot of new faces to Three Whiskey in the last few months. We asked some of our newest team members to tell us a bit about what they’ve been up to since joining.

You can find out more about each person and their role by visiting their full bios through the links below, and you can read about the rest of our team here. And if you think life at Three Whiskey sounds like your cup of tea, check out our vacancies and apply!

Mareike – Senior Project Manager

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Mareike makes sure our teams have what they need to do their best work. Part of her role is to help us define new ways of working – to make us more efficient and better at what we do.

When we asked Mareike for something she’s enjoyed doing in her first few months at Three Whiskey, she went straight to a project she worked on with Tom (one of Three Whiskey’s co-founders). They designed and developed a brand new internal tool to manage some of our key business operations – things like planning each person’s time for the month and predicting when we need to recruit new people.

 “It was a highlight to achieve this business milestone over the course of four months leading up to Christmas.

Before we had the tool, senior management didn’t have a clear enough view on resourcing; and forecasting revenue was a very tedious and difficult job. Now, we have a tool which outputs a spreadsheet giving all the info at a glance. It might sound like a small thing, but it’s actually an amazing achievement.

I was part of this project from day one, when I first joined. I was quickly given a lot of responsibility and eventually owned the whole project – and I loved every part of it. It has been incredibly rewarding to see this come together. I loved that my opinion and input really counted, that the tool was greatly received by everyone and that it made everyone’s lives so much easier.”

Charlotte Kelly – Project Manager

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Charlotte joined Three Whiskey as a Project Manager after six years specialising in marketing and branding translation. Here’s what she had to say when we asked her what project she’d most enjoyed since starting:

“On my first day, I started managing a project involving the delivery of 12 video animations before Christmas. I started on November 27th, so we were working to a tight deadline and there was no room for manoeuvre in the schedule. I went to visit the animators on my third day here, which was pretty cool because it really showed the confidence Sean [our Client Director] had in me to take on challenging projects straight away.

I’ve never worked on animations or with animators, so it was brilliant to learn everything about what’s involved, including subtitling and voiceovers, which I found really interesting.

Most of all, I was allowed to handle the project in my own way and we ended up delivering all the animations just in time, before heading off for Christmas.”

Jordan Bradley – SEO Analyst

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Jordan recently joined our team as an SEO Analyst, running campaigns and developing search strategies. When we asked for his highlights so far, he told us about an outreach campaign he worked on:

“I think for me, the highlight has been working on Bairstow Eves’ Styled to Sell campaign. This was already ongoing when I joined, so I was thrown in at the deep end – learning a lot about how the agency works, and quickly acquiring a lot of knowledge about a client I’ve continued to work with closely since the campaign.

What I enjoyed most about the campaign was that it required me to co-ordinate with a range of different individuals, and it helped me feel instantly valued as a member of Three Whiskey, as I was responsible for contributing to a notable campaign with a lot of autonomy throughout. We learnt a lot from the campaign, and it gave me the opportunity to develop key SEO skills such as outreach and reporting.”

Polly Norkett – Digital Marketing Analyst

After finishing an English Literature degree, Polly joined Three Whiskey as a Digital Marketing Analyst. This is a mixed discipline role that allows team members to work across paid and organic marketing channels. She said this about her time at Three Whiskey so far:

“Embarking upon this role as a literature grad was daunting, as the digital marketing world brought a host of unfamiliar challenges. I never thought I could find numbers, data analysis or website analytics quite so compelling. But I’ve learnt how much power a single click can have, starting a ripple effect across a company’s website and social media, and how creative content and design can result in hard data that is make-or-break for companies.

It’s been eye-opening to be exposed to this world. I’m excited to continue along this learning curve and look forward to finding the niche where I can do my best work for Three Whiskey and our clients.”

Hattie Clarke – Marketing Manager

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Finally, Hattie joined the team to focus on Three Whiskey’s marketing, working to highlight the great work we’re creating for our clients.

“I’ve spent the beginning of the year making plans for getting Three Whiskey out there; scheduling speaking opportunities and writing awards applications to celebrate our excellent client work. It’s been a great way to get to know the team, find out what people are passionate about and explore how best to work together to promote the agency.”

We thought we’d end on this last thought which Mareike shared, which we hope sums up life at Three Whiskey really nicely:

“Everyone’s opinion and input is valued at Three Whiskey. You are trusted and given responsibility. Working together with a fantastic team, you can achieve amazing things here.”

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