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Introducing Three Whiskey

01.02.2016 - by Ben Myall


blog post - ben and tom

Hi, and welcome to our agency. It’s great that you could join us.

Three Whiskey started because after a combined  total of nearly 25 years working in online businesses and digital agencies – for some amazing companies – we wanted the chance to take what we knew and build a business to our own blueprint.

Both of us spend a lot of time with our clients – and we hope this is something that will differentiate our agency and approach. We know working in this way leads to stronger relationships and an understanding of our clients’ businesses that lets us deliver more effective solutions. Part of our vision for the agency is to embed this approach into our DNA, so that everyone who joins will learn to work with clients in a committed, flexible and collaborative way.

Alongside our client commitment, we are totally focused on providing the support and environment needed for great people to do their best work. When things go well, we want to make sure everyone gets recognised for their contributions and gets to share in the success. We do this because we think it’s the right way to treat people, but we also know that it will enable us to attract and retain brilliant team members, who are most capable of solving our clients’ problems.

We are ambitious and want to build a great agency, and we know we can only do this by focusing on outcomes that help our clients succeed, and by providing the culture and opportunities for our people to flourish. If we get that right, the rest will pretty much take care of itself.

Running an agency is exciting, frenetic, sometimes exhausting but never boring. And we love it.

Ben and Tom,

Co-Founders, Three Whiskey

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